Your dog, our designs   |   Created by our UK team   |   Average 7 days from order to dispatch


Distracting backgrounds, muddy noses, leads in the way - no problem!

We want your dog looking it's best for your chosen products, that's why we include photo editing and enhancements for all our products, with no extra charge. We use your own photos (taken on a smartphone,  a SLR camera, or scanned from a printed photo) and transform them to fit your chosen design. 

Our photo editing service includes:
Background removal
Lighting enhancement
Removal of collars and tags
Removal of spots / blemishes (e.g. tear drops)
Doggy clean up - removal of mud, grass seeds
Repairing areas that have been cut-off the photo (e.g. ears)
If you are unsure whether a photo you would like to use will give the desired results, please email us and we will be glad to discuss this with you

Customer Examples

muddy golden retriever


golden retriever cleaned up


Golden Retriever Cushion

We removed the background, the mud from the dog's head, and the collar. 

The customer chose a mid-grey colour background for her canvas cushion.

Labrador x Collie Phone Case

We removed the background, and corrected the lighting making the dogs face a lot brighter.

The customer chose a purple background for her phone case.
lab collie cross dog sitting in garden


black and white dog on purple background


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